2021 – the Year of the Writer?

Image by Pixabay

I am going to keep updating this post as I discover writing events happening to prove 2021 is the year of the writer.

Future Events (Dates to be Confirmed) Please check out my 2021 Writing Event Page for more events.
Queensland Bush Poetry Competition
FAWQ Maureen Freer Competition

Redcliffe Writers Open Mic is up and running with the first event for 2021 being held on 26 February

Jim Higgins, President of FAWQ, received the Arts and Culture Award for Moreton Bay.
Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright, President of IBBY and Patron of FAWQ, received the Member of the Order of Australia.
Moreton Bay Regional Libraries reinstated their programs for writers and readers
Writers Groups started to meet again face-to-face

It certainly looks to me 2021 is the Year of the Writer.

A second writer honoured

Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia for “significant service to children’s literature, and to the promotion of reading.”

Dr Sheahan-Bright is a prolific writer, judge, publisher, and selector. She is the president of IBBY Australia (International Board on Books for Young people) and patron of FAWQ (Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland). She is active in Queensland Writers Centre (QWC), Child Book Council Australia (CBCA), and Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation.

Her previous awards include:
Dame Annabelle Rankin Award (2011) for her distinguish services to children’s literature
Nan Chauncy Award (2012) for her outstanding contribution to Australian Children’s literature
Johnno Award (2014) for her contribution to Queensland writing.

Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright AM

What a Poet; What a Poem.

I am not a poet. I write poetry more by accident than design, contrary to what my friend says. When I do write a poem, it is usually traditional poetry with rhyming couplets and a definite rhythm. A member of one of my writing groups calls himself a rap poet. I have struggled to get my head around what rap poetry is. I admit it. I am an ignoramus when to comes to poetry.

Then I heard Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural recitation of her poem The Hill We Climb. I recognise good poetry when I hear it.

The word imagery, the musicality, the rhythms; the despair and the hope, the pain and the joy, the youthful wisdom. I heard it all. The enthusiasm, the assurance, the confidence, the poise. I saw it all.

I was inspired then, and I am re-inspired every time I hear it. This is the new mantra for the world.

So, poets, where I am concerned, you have an extremely high bar to jump.

Writers Rejoice!

Jim Higgins, Moreton Bay 2021 Australia Day Arts and Culture Recipient

Moreton Bay Australia Day Awards

At long last, a writer has been acknowledged. The Moreton Bay Regional Council has awarded their 2021 Australia Day Arts & Culture Award to writer Jim Higgins.

Jim is the current president of FAWQ (Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland), and a member of Redcliffe Writers Group. He has worked tirelessly (and I mean tirelessly, to the point of being told to take a holiday and leave the laptop and phone at home) for the last 3 years in support of writers, and to raise the profile of the writers, writing groups and the writing industry in Queensland and Moreton Bay Region.

His drive, enthusiasm, and hard work has re-energised writers across the region. He is instrumental in establishing the Redcliffe Writers Open Mic event held at the Redcliffe Library, the FAWQ’s Maureen Freer Literary Award, and in organising the FAWQ Readers and Writers Festival Moreton Bay to be held later this year across the Moreton Bay Regional Library network, and USC Moreton Bay.

Throughout the Pandemic, Jim continued to organise workshops, meetings, and interviews on Zoom. He organised and produced a panel discussion for Mental Health Week at USC Moreton Bay (interviews with panellists can be viewed on the FAWQ YouTube Channel).

Congratulations, Jim. You deserve it.