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One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

2021 arrived and the writing world heaved a sigh of relief: the Moreton Bay Libraries reopened for Writing Groups to meet. The way back to normalcy seemed straight forward.

The Redcliffe Writers Group was the first to meet in the region. Sure, there were limits and conditions to be met. Attendance had to be registered, and attendees had to bring their own tea/coffee and snacks. Everyone was eager to get back to work. Future plans were tentatively being developed and eagerly awaited. Anticipation flowed gently over the writing community.

Then whamo! COVID-19 raised its ugly head. Slam, bang! The road ahead took a left hook, and we’re back in lockdown. Now everything is back on shaky ground.

So what to do? Well, we could go around in circles, thumping our chests, and sobbing ‘woe is me’. Knowing writers that ain’t gonna happen. Instead we will take this chance, put our heads down, pick up pen and paper, and keep writing. When it is over and we are able to meet again, we will do so with eagerness.

Please, everyone, stay calm, stay safe. There is no need to panic-buy. This lockdown is for a measly 3 days, not 3 months. Treat it like a long weekend, and get stuck into all the chores around the house needing to be done BEFORE school goes back.